Telephone Service is Restored as of 2:20 PM, Tuesday June 25, 2019
There was a significant problem and our phones were out for a couple hours.
The problem was not due to our service provider. It was a communications breakdown at a central point
in downtown Toronto which was (and still is for some) affecting several services. It appears to resolved for us.
We are Open Normal Hours. (9am to 5pm today)
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Congratulations to The Toronto Raptors!
Eastern Conference Champions and now HISTORY: NBA Champions 2019!
What an incredible Season! Let's follow their lead and make this "The Best Year Ever"
Celebrate Canada Day 2019 with Family and Friends!
** Make this a Memorable Year for All the Right Reasons - Make Some Memories **
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Thank You for Trusting Us with Your Memories!
NOTICE: All new orders can expect 5 to 6 weeks for completion!

We are the busiest we've ever been and work just keeps coming.
Our Summer Maintenance Shutdown is coming soonand it will be Two Weeks long this year.
Although we expect many orders will be done in less time, we can't guarantee it,
so we must stand by 5 to 6 weeks as the potential turn around time for new orders.
We will update this as we continue to catch up.

Another Great Summer is Here!
We're wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Canada Day Weekened!
The Raptors made History (Making Memories) and Spirits are High All Over Ontario!
Whether you're Camping, Working in the Garden, Hiking, Biking, Boating . . . . Have Fun, Make Memories & Be Safe!
Because Family & Memories Matter!
Regular Hours - 'Open to the Public'
Monday to Wednesday - 9 am to 5 pm
Thursdays - 9 am to 7 pm
Fridays - 9 am to 4 pm

Expected Late June Order Conversion Turn-around Times:
Film Conversion - 8mm & 16mm: 40 business days
Slide & Photo services: 40 business days
Yes, we do Large Format Slides and Even Glass Slides
And Now We Make Photo Quality Prints up to 13" x 19" from
Slides, Negatives & even 8mm and 16mm Films!

Consumer Format Videotape Conversions
VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, S-VHS-C: 40 business days
8mm, Hi-8, D8: 40 business days
Betamax and MiniDV:40 business days
Digital Video Formats: 40 business days
Cassette & Open Reel Audio Tape to CD & Digital: 60 business days

As always, we will contact you by phone or email as soon as your order is completed.

Thanks Everyone for making 2018 Our Best Year Ever and for Keeping 2019 Even Stronger!
It's Official: New Services we planned to launch this year are going to have to wait.
In-home services for Computer, TV and other Entertainment & Media Systems
are delayed until further notice, perhaps next year.

Premium RUSH Services are Temporarily Not Available.
Funeral Tribute, Celebration of Life Services are Always Fast Turn-Around.
All Rush Service requests are subject to additional charges.
See FAQ #4 for an explanation of how we manage Rush requests
without delaying any other customer orders.

Go to the Contact Page for Our Location Map.

When you Bring your order in, ask us about Blu-ray.
Don't miss out on Better Quality by being under-informed!
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Our 'Most Popular' FAQ, belongs on the front page. It's Important!
FAQ #3 - Do you do all the work yourself or do you ship it out?

Answer: We do all of our own work & we do work for hand picked, select Dealers!
Click Here for Full Answer
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You've Been Asking and Now We Offer Photo Quality Prints up to 13" x 19"

Beautiful Photo Prints from Slides, Negatives, 8mm and 16mm Film!
4"x6", 8"x10" and 12"x18" all Available Now!
Color Correction, Dust and Scratch Removal and Image Repair also available.
Add Someone to a scene or delete someone or something. Custom Cropping.
Sometimes 8mm or 16mm films are the only place you can find images of loved ones.
Now we can print photos for easy sharing with everyone.
Conditions apply. Not all small format films are properly framed or focused to produce
a good enough image, but sometimes, any image is better than no image.
Prints from video are also possible, but Standard Definition video like VHS and 8mm
are often not good enough quality to justify printing. If you have us Convert your tape to Digital
we'll be able to tell you if the image will print well or reasonably well.
Bring your Slides, Film and Video in today!
Start planning that Perfect Fathers Day, Birthday or Anniversary Gift Now!
The Gift of Memories is the Best Gift You Can Give!

Kennebec Lake Loon Summer 2018

Bring us Your Memories. Photos, Slides, Films or Video.
We'll convert them to Blu-ray, DVD or Digital Files for Enjoyable Easy Viewing and Sharing.

The VideoGuy Inc - All Your Video Needs, One Source!

Technology Done Right - Because Family & Memories Matter!


After more than 19 Years in Whitby, we Moved to 101 Ritson Rd. North, Oshawa in Feb 2014
Call for directions, or download the PDF Map on our Contact page.

Video to DVD Conversions

When you want to Transfer Video to DVD, choosing The VideoGuy Inc. is the right decision.
Our Video Conversion process is the right way to transfer your Family Memories.
Check the service you need to learn about us.

Videotape 8mm Film
Slides & Photos Audio Tape

8mm Film Conversions

8mm, Super-8mm and 'Super-8mm with Sound' conversions done using the best direct from surface image scan system made better by our more than 30 years experience converting 8mm Film.
All work is done right here by highly trained and experienced professionals who care!

8mm Film Videotape
Slides & Photos Audio Tape

Photo & Slide Conversions

Scanning Images and Documents to Digital form can include Negatives of almost any size, Slides too. Photographs, whether Glossy. Matt, Color or Black & White. We even do Polaroids. Sometimes those memories come with a Certificate, News Clipping or even a Medal and Yes we can create a Digital Image of almost everything.

Slides & Photos Audio Tape
8mm Film Videotape

DVD & CD Duplications

Family Memories, Corporate Video or Entertainment!
Whatever your content, the easiest way to share full quality versions with your intended audience is on DVD or Blu-ray.
We specialize in small run duplication (up to 300 pcs) with Excellent QC and Fast Turnaround!
DVD and Blu-ray Duplications

Life Tributes

A Celebration of Life is a wonderful gift for Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, Graduations and More!
Life Tributes are often a Celebration of Life too and they are certainly one of the best ways to Remember a Loved One!
We've been providing this service for over 30 Years, so we know what to do.
Compassion, Discretion and fast turn-around for Life Tributes.
Celebration of Life Tributes

Video Editing & Production

Start to Finish Production Services for Training, Marketing, Promotion and Entertainment.
Will Video be beneficial to your business?
There are several misconceptions about Video.
The first is that 'everyone needs video'.
Next is that just having any old video will increase exposure, sales, SEO, anything!?!?
Anyone can make a video would be the other one!
Video Productions that Matter

And We Do Much, Much More...

Professional DVD Authoring

DVD and Blu-ray Authoring are extensive processes that require multiple stages starting at Program Design with the objective to create an enjoyable and informative Viewer Experience.
DVD Authoring by The VideoGuy Inc.

TV for Internet Production

The world of Content Delivery is changing and many opportunities now exist for Television style programming to be delivered to focused viewing audiences by the internet.
TV Shows for Internet


Websites have become yet another Media Carrier for the content we create. So our evolution into Websites is a natural extension of what we do. Kind of like adding a new kind of truck to the fleet we use for delivery.
Read more about websites.

Projector & Screen Rental

Celebration of Life DVDs and Blu-rays have become a must have item for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Funerals. Sometimes you also need a projector and screen. We have them available for Customers who use our production services. This is a value added support option reserved for existing production service customers only. Read more about our AV Support Services.

Music Not Mischief

Here's a Great Program!
Kids learn Music not Mischief!
A program made possible by Police Officers who donate their time to help kids learn to play guitar.
The Finale Concert held Annually at
The Mod Club is an Awesome and Inspiring Event!
Find out how you can help!

Click here to visit Music Not Mischief!

Even More

Our staff have extensive experience in many areas of Advanced Media so we can provide services you might not expect.

"All Your Video Needs - One Phone Call"
Read more about what The VideoGuy Inc. does.

The Gift of Memories is both Timeless and Priceless!
We're Happy to Welcome our New Customers from
Uxbridge, Markham, Richmondhill, Newmarket, East & West Gwillimbury,
Bradford, Barrie, Orillia and everywhere in between!
Scheduled bi-weekly pick up and return is once again available to these areas.
Call us today to book your order pick-ups.

We do not use couriers or mail service for such valuable assets..
We prefer that only our trained and experienced professionals handle your Valuable Memories.
All work is done by us, using only full-time, trained and experienced staff.
We know your Family Memories matter so, we make the extra effort and we encourage you to do the same!
We also have limited service going to the North-East Regions too!
Peterborough, Lindsay, Haliburton, Minden, Bancroft,
Renfrew, Pembroke and all the way to Deep River!

It's been over two years since a very close
Friend, Neighbour & Community Pillar closed their doors and Moved On!
It was the End of an Era, a Loss for Everyone and we still miss their presence in our community!
We still see Aldsworth Customers on a Regular Basis and nothing makes us Happier than to hear
we have delivered the same high level of service they were known for! Thank you!
On Friday, January 20th, 2017
Our Friends at Robert Aldsworth's Photo World Closed Permanently!
Robert Aldsworth's Photo World
A Landmark Business with good hearted, customer oriented mangement and staff
who served Durham Region for more than 60 Years. We truly miss them.
We are honoured to have been their supplier of video services for the past 10 years.
Robert (Bob) Aldsworth, Kathy Aldsworth and their staff;
Irene, Joanne, Brandi, Janis, Lee Ann and John are well known for delivering
top notch service in a friendly and inviting environment. A Family Business with Heart!
If you didn't get a chance to say Good Bye, we can still forward cards, emails and comments to them!
Call us during regular business hours for assistance. Or send us an email.

Robert Aldsworth Photoworld Customers are Welcome here always.
You can bring Video Conversion Orders directly to our location on Ritson Rd (North of Hwy 2).
We will Do Our Best to Meet the Standard of Service you are accustomed to
and continue the Tradition of Excellence set by Robert Aldsworth's Photo World!

Over 35 Years Professional Video Experience!