Who Is The Video Guy?

We are your Single Source for the Best Quality
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Exceptional Customer Service backed by
over 35 years of Full Time Professional Experience!
More than 40 Years of Hands On Video Experience!

Professional Video, DVD, Blu-ray and Advanced Media Services
for both Consumers and Business

The Video Guy Inc. was started as a specialty department within a successful Professional Advanced Media Solutions company that provided rich media services and high tech products to Industry, Business and Corporate clients!

We are Experts in Video, Audio, Graphics and the Technologies used to Produce them!

Our 35+ Years of Expertise is available for hire to convert your videos, create new videos, produce Great Presentations and build websites, for both consumers and business.

We provide services for Production Professionals, Corporations, Schools, Municipalities, Industry and Consumer/Hobbyists.

Yeah, yeah, yeah - That's what you do, but really who are you?

Don't you just hate that? You go to a website, click the 'About Us' button and learn nothing about them! LOL

Well, that changes here. This is where the professional distance diminishes and it gets personal.
The VideoGuy Inc. is a company created by me, Dave Creasy. We're still family owned and operated and I'm still active in the business daily.

Somewhere around 1974 I was invited to operate camera at a cable company run by a brilliant, generous man who shared his knowledge and provided encouragement and opportunity that changed my life. Thank you, Brian!
Soon after learning a bit about the studio cameras, I was given a portable camera and allowed to document the restoration of an old mill done by a group of kids participating in a great program called Katimavik. I was now officially addicted to Video as an effective form of communication.

Then came High School and another brilliant and generous man who taught Electricity and Electronics with a passion that all teachers should have and I switched my dream of becoming an Architect to a dream of pursuing Electronics. Thank you Mr. Maki

On through College for Electronics Engineering Technology and into the workforce with my first job as an AV Technician for a school board where the plan was to combine my expertise in Electronics as a Technician with my passion for Video Production. Next were various positions with a major cable company in almost every GTA production division fulfilling both production and technical positions. Add some further tech experience at an entertainment company, management, purchasing and a variety of other learning experiences while also starting my first Video Production company as a part time venture. That all leads to my first full-time production company, then I added another company that built, sold and serviced digital video systems to production companies and television broadcasters.
When digital systems became easier to use and emphasis switched from 'how well can a dealer support the product' to 'how cheap can we buy it' we discontinued servicing that industry and I turned all of my focus to our Corporate/Business Productions and our Duplication, Conversion and Family Video Services companies which had continued to grow even though I only spent maybe 10 hours a week looking at them.
That's the beauty of having great staff that are well trained and care about what they do! I get to pretend to take credit for something great that was made possible by them.
Thanks to my dedicated and loyal crew. You Rock!

Yes, I skipped a bunch of really cool stuff in there. Things that gave me a very unique education and understanding of business, customer service as well as digital video technology. They all combine to allow us certain advantages over almost any potential competitor in what we do. I'm happy to share one or two of those stories in person if we have the time when you come to see us, so if you really want to know more, just ask me.

Bottom line; I've had substantial technical training and experience in all aspects of video since before most people had seen a VTR and I've worked through the birth and continued evolution of Digital Video. Couple that with many years of production experience shooting, editing, authoring and providing the technical back-up to other production teams and you start to see what allowed us to create and grow a very unique facility.

I am truly fortunate to have had such a wide range of opportunity and experience and we are happy that we can use those to provide you with the best service possible in a price range that is affordable to anyone who seeks value in whatever video service they want.

So, if you need a message, program, presentation or training program created, produced, edited, authored, duplicated, distributed or presented that has Video, Audio or Graphics in it,
We are Your Single Source Solution Provider.

More than just Video! - More than just Transfers and Conversions!

We deliver Advanced Media Services for Everyone!

We Do Technology Right - For All The Right Reasons!


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