Film Conversions to DVD, Blu-ray and Digital

Now You Can Watch Your 8mm/Super-8 & 16mm Fims on DVD or Blu-ray Disk

Long before the Internet, before the Camcorder, even before the VCR, Family Memories in the form of
Moving Pictures were being captured and stored on 8mm and 16mm Film.

Families would gather around the projector and watch Holiday Memories, Weddings, Anniversaries,
Family Re-unions on a 3' to 6' screen. (and you thought big screens were new technology}.
There was no better way to share the memories!

Get the popcorn ready! Call your friends and family!
It's time to watch your 8mm & 16mm films again!

Watch them on your TV, Computer, Big Screen or take them with you everywhere you go.
No noisy projector, no burned films, no expensive bulbs to burn out, no screen to set up and you won't have to switch the film reels every 3 minutes.

With a DVD or Blu-ray Conversion from The VideoGuy Inc. you can Pause anytime, for as long as you want, Zoom in for a closer look or rewind with a simple button push on your remote control.
Sharing and Gifting your Memories is Easy and Affordable too!

We Convert your 8mm, Super-8 and Super-8 with Sound and/or
16mm Silent and 16mm with Sound Films
to DVD Video, Blu-ray Video Disks and other Digital Formats too!
Your Family Memories with Digital Clarity & Convenience!

We've been converting 8, Super-8 & Super-8 with Sound Films to Video for over 35 years!

In 2016 we added 16mm Silent and Sound Film Conversions too!

Our processes have evolved, we've refined and improved all parts of them using our years of experience, extensive technical knowledge and the right equipment to ensure your memories are properly processed, optimized and presented.

How do we do it? Well, that's a secret!
Especially the part about 'sound' since most of the competition don't know how to do it.

Frame by frame image capture, full frame, direct from the surface of the film using superior imaging technology provides excellent image clarity, color rendition and even light exposure across the film.
We can even provide you with Prints or Digital Files of individual frames from your film.

We start by inspecting your films, repairing what needs repaired, then carefully cleaning them to create best image possible.

Next we convert your films, frame by frame to digital image files.

Then your films are assembled into a DVD, Blu-ray or other digital format in the order you requested.
We do this following the same care and attention to detail we use for all of our Conversion processes.

At this stage, there is an opportunity to expand your conversion to a Personal Production or Family History Video using one or more of our many additional services to arrange the order of the films, shorten them, change scenes, add titles, pictures, slides or maybe some newer videotape conversions to the finished presentation.
Our customers sometimes use this feature to create "Living Tributes" for Birthdays, Weddings and other Special Occassions!

When the digital versions of your films are ready, we can Author a disk with a custom Menu, Scene Selections and Chapters.

The finished DVD or Blu-ray has a personalized label and comes in a standard jewel case for protection.

When you pick up your completed film conversion order, we'll show you how to care for your films and for your new disks.
If you want to edit your films at home on your computer we can provide you with a digital copy in the right format.

You can also use our editing services to customize your Family Memory and make a truly unique Gift of Memories!

Have your 8mm & 16mm Films converted today at the Video Guy Inc. and experience the difference of working with Full Time Dedicated Video Professionals who understand that Family and Memories Matter!

We Do Technology Right - For All The Right Reasons!


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