Exclusive AV Support Rentals
Video Projectors, Screens & More

These entry level services and rentals of small projectors and screens are an exclusive service available only to clients who use our production and conversion services and need the Audio and Video support mechanism to present what we help them build.

Full Presentation Services for Everyone

We've assembled a team of the Best AV Techs, Graphic and Motion Artists and support them with High End Projectors, Cameras, Staging, PA, Recording and Broadcast/Webcast Gear and Services.
We used to say 'no meeting too small, no meeting too big', but that's changed!
We're sorry to say, but some meetings are too small because there are numerous less experienced operators working for much less money than we can afford to compete with, so we now focus only on medium and large venue, up-scale presentations that require the full value of our expertise and have the budget to support it.
Is there a job that's too big? Yes!
We won't be bidding on the Super-Bowl and will probably stay away from jobs with budgets over $200K.
All other clients are welcome to request a quotation for a fully designed and engineered presentation, or to request design and engineering services to create an RFP for your next meeting.

Please call us to determine if we are available to quote on your next presentation.

We Do Technology Right - For All The Right Reasons!


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