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Plan - Write - Shoot - Edit - Finish

Video Production is a Process - Effective Video Follows All The Steps!

Lot's of experts on the Internet these days and they're quick to tell you, Video is Essential!

Why? - Why is Video essential for you?

If you can't answer that question in your own words, the first step for you is a needs analysis.
That's a small investment of your time with your sales and marketing team to assess how (if) Video fits into your current and evolving strategies.
Or it can be a small investment in money and time with us.
We'll meet at your facility, review your past, current and future strategies. Talk about your objectives and goals. Our objective is to find out what you expect from your use of video and determine the best way to measure ROI for your Video Investment. When we've covered all the bases, we'll decide together if video can help you achieve your goals.

If the needs analysis confirms Video is a good fit with your strategy we'll move to the next step!

Let's Build the Plan

Effective Video Production is all about Teamwork!
When you choose to partner with us, we work closely with you and your staff to ensure we're meeting your objectives and doing everything to your maximum benefit.
We'll provide you with a project overview, budget estimate and a scope of work that clearly defines our roles and responsibilities and their relationships to timelines.

If you are looking for a company that can take your request verbally, walk away, not involve you in the process and just make you a video - we're not that team.
We want your Video to work for you, so you're going to have to commit to it!
Our experience in many fields is extensive, but we don't believe we know more about your company, your business and your clients than you do!
So we're not about to pretend we can tell you what's best for you.
Companies with that ability exist and the ones we've worked with have massive research departments, staff, consultants with vast experience and many more resources.
They have successful track records from many industries and they always charge substantially more than we do for every aspect of what they do.
And so they should! After all they still have to pay us to do our part!

Once the Scope of Work and Budget are approved, we'll begin the Writing process, followed by the Production and Post Production steps, then on to final delivery.
We don't mean to trivialize the production aspect of the process, but in all honesty, if we've followed the initial steps, the Production which we are experts on, is the easy part and you'll have the scope of work outlining all the specific details and options that apply to your project.

This page may be further updated, but at the time of this update, we're very busy. So selling future work will have to wait until work in house and coming in without extra effort is completed.
If the new business influx slows down so we have time to finish dressing the window, we'll come back and add some more. Meanwhile, if you want to discuss a production in person, please call or email us any time.
We always make time for people who walk through the door!

It's 2017 and this page is still 'under construction'.
Thank you to all the clients who won't allow us time to finish it!

We Do Technology Right - For All The Right Reasons!


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