Video Conversions

We Convert Video to DVD, Blu-ray & other Digital Formats

VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS (S-VHS), Compact Super VHS (S-VHS-C)
8mm (Video8), Hi-8mm, Digital 8mm (D8)
MiniDV, Mini-DVD, BetaMax, SD Card and Hard Drive Camcorders
Cel Phone Video, Compact Digital Camera Video, DSLR Video, Tablet Video and more!

More than just a video transfer!
We Convert, Optimize and Author to DVD and Blu-ray!

Aren't DVD transfers and conversions the same thing?
- Absolutely Not!

When you 'transfer' something you essentially move it from one place to another, like moving water from a glass to plastic cup.
'Conversion' involves substantial change, in this case to create something newer and better, much more like distilling water from one glass to another glass that has a handle on it.

You can do a transfer by yourself.
Just connect a VCR to a DVD recorder, then press the play and record buttons.
The machines do the work. You should get a reasonable copy of your tape, but little or no improvement in the viewing experience. Your Quality won't be as good as ours because we use better equipment. We keep our gear in top working condition and we know how to 'convert' the tape signal to a digital stream specific to either DVD, Blu-ray or any Digital Media as required.

What's that? You thought digital was digital and all things digital were equal?

You're not alone. Lot's of 'experts' think that's true too. It's Not!

That's kind of like saying "all round tires are the same"

Our process uses better equipment, properly maintained and operated by staff with a high level of technical training and experience.
Perhaps just as importantly, we have an understanding of what makes a good viewing experience. We've gained the knowledge required to ensure you enjoy watching your DVDs and Blu-ray disks over and over because we have more than 35 years experience working with our customers Family Memories.
Yes, we've been working with Video and Family Memories since well before computers and digital toys became household items!

When we convert your videotapes to DVD, Blu-ray or any other digital media we provide you with a clean crisp digital version of your original videotape that you can watch over and over again. With our disk products, it's easy to find the scenes you want to watch and you can easily share your memories with family and friends.

  • We start by inspecting your tapes. It helps if you identify tapes that may be damaged. You can request to know the exact duration and therefore the final cost (for most common formats) when you place your order. Once the inspection is complete, we will call and advise you of your exact cost to get your approval. Some un-common formats cannot be estimated and some are subject to a fee for estimates.
  • Next we convert your tapes to digital files optimized for DVD, Blu-ray or other Digital Delivery Formats.
    That way you always get the best result!
  • We may combine tapes based on duration and the order you request. If we can put multiple tapes on a single disk without compromising Quality, we are happy to do it. Limit of 5 tapes per single disk at standard pricing. Additional tapes are subject to a 'tape change' fee.
  • Additional editing services are available. Please ask us about options when you bring in your order.
  • When the digital assets are ready, we create your disk with a Personalized Menu, Easy Navigation and Convenient Viewing options. If you have ordered additional files for upload to the Internet on Social Media or for your SmartPhone, we will prepare those files too.
  • The finished disk has a Personalized Label and comes in a jewel case for protection. Fully Custom Labels and Menus are availabel for an extra fee. See our samples and ask about prices when you bring your order in.
  • If you want to edit your videos at home on a computer or you want a high quality Digital File for backup, we can provide you with a digital copy in the right format for your computer whether you use Windows or Apple. Please be sure to request alternate Digital File options when you place your order.

    Have your videos converted today at the Video Guy Inc. and experience the difference of working with Full Time Dedicated Video Professionals who understand that Family and Memories Matter!

    We Do Technology Right - For All The Right Reasons!


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