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What is a Life Tribute?

Perhaps the Best Way to Remember & Celebrate the Life of a Loved One!

It's a collection of images and sound that tell the story of a life well lived.
An expression of how you feel about someone you love, who has left us. It tells a story of their life in a way that's sure to bring tears of joy. It's a project that helps us work through the grieving process and brings joy at a time when joy seems unlikely.

A Life Tribute is so much more than a collection of pictures, videos and other media.
It demonstrates your relationship with people you care about, expresses your appreciation for the unique qualities that make them who they are. It's one of a very few treasured ways to Celebrate Life, Celebrate Friendship and Family.
It's a way to say; "I see you for who you are, and I Love You!"

Often they are created as a final farewell tribute for a memorial service.
It's a specialty service we've been providing for many years.
We know how little time you have to prepare and we know the circumstances. We can help!

What is a Living Tribute?

Our Living Tributes are Life Tributes You Can Gift and Share Now

When you take the concept of a Life Tribute and create it to share with someone who is still with you, we call it a Living Tribute and they make the Best Gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Retirements and other Milestones in Life!

To understand why we created this service, imagine hearing these words from a Loving Father as he stands before us, crying after the loss of his son;
"I wish I had done this for my son years ago. It would have been nice to share all this joy with him!"

We've witnessed firsthand the regret of words not spoken, emotions not shared and we've experienced the positive that comes from creating and sharing Life Tributes!
We encourage you not to wait. Tomorrow always comes, until the day it doesn't and there is no going back!
Choose your Special Moment, make it now, and share the times of your lives (together).
Strengthen the memories of the good times and make new memories as you re-live the joys of the past.

What is a Biography or Autobiography?

More than a Tribute, the Biography Tells an In-Depth Personal History

For some of us, it's simply a matter of having the final word, (because that's just who we are),
but there are many other reasons to consider preparing your Life Story to share with your friends and family now and write the final chapter to deliver when you are no longer able.

- Ease the burden as they deal with their loss. Enable them to Celebrate your Life!

- Speak to them one more time. Tell them how you feel and Celebrate the life you had together.

- Set the mood for your Life Celebration. Leave no doubt how they can best remember you.

Next time you're at a Memorial service, listen to how many people watching the Life Tribute say, "I never knew that about Uncle Fred or Aunt Sally"
It's astounding how life gets so busy that we discover the people we know had so much more to share with us.
Why not share those mysteries and memories when you can enjoy them together?

Your Autobiography provides an opportunity to share your life stories. Fill it with 8/16mm Films, Slides, Photos, Certificates, News Clippings, Diplomas and any other imagery (we have lots of unique ideas) that tell a story about your life. Do your children know your first pet? Your Best Friend from High School? Where you had your first kiss, your first heart break? Have they seen the tree you fell out of and broke your arm? Take them on a walk through a day, week, month or several years in your life. Do it now!

We can show you how and help you build it so you are free to concentrate on writing the story.

The complete Autobiography project is not a low cost service and it's not for everyone!

However the Final Chapter is something that anyone can do, so be sure to read about Living Tributes above and ask us how you can build Your Final Chapter.

Once you begin the process of an Autobiography you will realize how much time and effort is required to tell your story and you will begin to understand why it's so important that you do.

Project start-up consultation is $300 and project budgets should be expected to run from $3,500 to $7,500 typically, with you committing hundreds of hours to the process to keep costs this low. It's not unusual for highly accomplished, community active individuals to build projects that far exceed these numbers because cost is a matter of time and effort and the bigger the story, the more time is involved.

Living Tributes and Autobiographies make Life Tribute creations simple too.

Creating our own presentation in advance of our time provides opportunity to tell our story first hand, include messages of encouragement for our children and others so our legacy is supported in our own words.
One last gift, delivered when we're gone!

We do what we do because we believe in it! When we say 'for all the right reasons', we mean it.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your trust and share in the documentation of your Family Memories!

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