DVD and Blu-ray Authoring

Disk authoring is what makes a DVD or Blu-ray disc presentation work for you.

We've been professionally authoring DVD's since the very first DVD Burner was sold in Canada and DVD Authoring workstations cost over $100,000.
We added Blu-ray Authoring as soon as the Blu-ray / HD-DVD battle was decided.
It's been a wonderful evolutionary journey with Great New things coming this year and next!

Contrary to Popular Marketing Hype, Disks are not dead or dying.
There are many entities that would like you to believe their way of delivery is better and they will continue to try and convince you to give up your disks so you will have to rely on them to deliver content to you using their delivery mechanisms. All digital media have drawbacks and all have a place and a purpose. You owe it to yourself to learn about each and use each format for it's strengths so your digital future will be safe and secure.
If you appreciate High Quality Reliable formats that provide a Great Viewing Experience, you know disk is the Best Medium for Quality, Consistency and Ease of Access (anywhere).
Of course if you only ever need to impress people living in urban centres with high speed internet connections, then you may not need disks, but if you want people in rural areas or those with average internet connections to see you look good (not pixelated) and sound good, then you might want to deliver your message on a medium that looks exactly the same in the city or 100 Km away from the nearest internet connection.
There are many new, backward compatible disc formats with greater capacity still coming.
In the digital world, when the codecs are the same, Bigger means Better Picture and Sound!
Disk players deliver consistent bigger files, faster than any internet connection.
Once you possess a disk, you don't have to ask permission to watch it again and it won't get erased by a virus or computer failure!
All Digital Formats have a time and place to be used. They can all fail.
Disk formats will continue to be one of the best ways to deliver Quality and Consistency!
We're happy to share our experience with you to create and deliver a product that will work for you.

To discuss a project in person, please call or email us any time.
We're very busy, but we always make time for people who walk through the door!

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